Credentialing Summit

The National Credentialing Summit was about three weeks ago.  MSBA Governmental Liaison Director, Lynn Carroll and myself were part of a panel discussing challenges military spouses face having a professional license or credential.  We were honored to represent military spouses and specifically military spouse business owners.


The panel discussion for our group lasted about an hour.  If you follow the link here and scroll until you find "Panel 10," it will tell you not only who was going to be on the panel but what was going to be discussed.


The American Legion wrote a great article to sum up the two day summit.  You can read it here.  Once you finish reading the article you will also find some links to the PowerPoint presentations that were given over the two day event.


I would like to say Thank You to the panelists, the moderator Mrs. Laura Dempsey, The American Legion and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes for allowing MSBA to be a part of the discussion and to represent military spouse business owners, and for hosting this event.

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