Interview with Chris Pape

My first ever oncamera interview.  Chris showed up at 10:30am as scheduled.  I was nervous when I watched him bring in and assemble his equipment.  What am I saying?!  I was nervous from the minute I got up at 7:30am.  Of course the homemaker in me says get the rest of this house in order and smelling "pine fresh."  Then the paranoid me kicked in and I tried to go over every possible scenario and question I could think of.  For example I went over MSBA's mission statement.  All the things MSBA has accomplished; the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act and a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes, "Alliance."  Also remembering not to forget to mention MSBA member L.D. Herrara (male military spouse).  This was an interview to cater to males.


I look around the house and realized I have nothing to represent MSBA here.  Yes I do!  I have the MSBA banner and marketing materials from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes, Military Spouse Career Forum.  I can put up these things so it doesn't look too homey/personal.  MSBA doesn't have a brick and mortar location so Chris was doing me a favor by conducting the interview here at my house in Northern, VA.  Hubby was home that day so of course I had him give me the approval for wardrobe, make-up and house decorations.


Okay so back to Chris setting up.  I sat down in the chair to get ready.  I am telling myself at this point to take slow deep breaths.  I was afraid Chris was going to hear my heart pounding through the microphone pinned on my shirt.  I think I get so nervous because I don't like the spotlight, I am an introvert and I overanalyze or overthink every little thing.  But Chris started off with simple questions that helped put me at ease; what is your name and title?  What is MSBA?


Two hours later I was getting worn out.  Chris only had a couple more questions but my brain wasn't firing anymore.  A nasty side effect from too much preparation.  I think Chris picked up on the fact that I was struggling.  He was guiding or coaching me along.  When it was over I could breathe a huge sigh of relief and grab my water.  The wonderful pasty mouth.  Chris said I did a great job.  He also mentioned that the video wouldn't be edited until the following week.  That was fine with me.  I don't like to watch myself.


As Chris was packing up I took this photo.  I should have taken a photo while I was in the chair with the lights.



Before Chris left he became a member of MSBA and posed for a quick picture, taken by my wonderful husband.


Thank You Chris for giving MSBA this opportunity to share its valuable resources with male military spouse entrepreneurs!  Welcome to MSBA!


You can learn more about Macho Spouse here.

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