Patriotic AdVANtures LLC.

Guest blog post and interview with MSBA Member and Board of Directors Advisor, Carolyn LeVering.

Q:  What is your name?
A:  John & Carolyn LeVering

Q:  What is your business?
A:  Patriotic AdVANtures LLC. - A Commuter Vanpool Service in the DC Metro area

Q:  How many years have you been in business?
A:  Five years

Q:  What is your business structure?
A:  Limited Liability Company-Sole Proprietorship

Q:  What are some things you like about being in business for yourself?
A:  Flexibility of work hours, working from home. 

Q:  What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
A:  Finding a balance between work & home and obtaining bank loans to support business growth.

Q:  How has being a military spouse helped/challenged your business?
A:  Since we service mostly military and government installations in the DC Metro area, it helps.

Q:  What would you like your customers/future to know about you and your business?
A:  Providing safe, clean and reliable transportation is our primary objective.

Q:  What are some things people may not know about your business?
A:  Vanpools are the most cost-effective mode of public transportation in the country. They can save a person, who drives his personal car to work everyday, up to $600/month.

Q:  For fellow military spouses considering a business, what advice would you give them?
A:  Starting a business is like having a child.  When its born, you are excited and anticipate the possibilities, and you often underestimate the time commitment and responsibilites involved.  Remember that the effort = benefit.  Equally important is the money.  Maintain a good credit rating and maintain liquidity (cash flow.)  And have a good accountant!  :)

Q:  We all have lessons learned the hard way, tell us about a business experience that you’ve had where you had to learn something the hard way.
A:  Mainly the changes in the regulatory environment, learning the tax laws and regulations for hiring employees.

Q:  If you could go back to the day you started your business with the knowledge you have now, what would you change?
A:  We would have hired help sooner.

Q:  What is your website/contact info?
A: / 

Q:  What do you wish you had more access to?  How can MSBA help you?
A:  I wish we had access to more money.  lol!  We appreciate the premise of MSBA, military families helping military families.  The opportunity to offer our services to military families and learn about the products and services that other military families provide.  The exposure is wonderful!

Q:  Anything else you want to share with our members?
A:  "Semper Gumby!" - "Always Flexible."

Thank you Carolyn for sharing your business experiences with MSBA!

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