Dear Mr. Donald Trump

You have seen Mr. Donald Trump on TV, right?!  The gentleman that is famous for saying “You're Fired" on the show, “The Apprentice.”  Well earlier this week I sent him an e-mail, requesting his help in being spokesperson for the Red, White & Blue Pages™.  I was nervous clicking on that "Send" button in my e-mail.  Did I give him enough information?  Did I incorporate enough of his personal information so he knows that I did some research before sending the e-mail?  Will it peek his interest?  What if he thinks I am crazy?  What if this e-mail just gets deleted?  Yikes!  Did I mention in any previous posts that I overanalyze every little detail?

Are you wondering why I sent an e-mail to Mr. Donald Trump?  Joanna dared me.  Well she didn't come right out and say I dare you to send an e-mail to Mr. Donald Trump.  It was more like she suggested he would be the appropriate advocate in an e-mail and then put a question mark at the end of her sentence.  I interpreted this as a, what are you going to do about it.

You are probably also thinking okay why ask him to be spokesperson for the Red, White & Blues Pages™?  It makes sense to me, especially after reading some of Mr. Donald Trump's bios.  Did you know that he went to the New York Military Academy?  I also found in my research that he is a supporter of Paralyzed Veterans of America and Wounded Warrior Project.  Of course he is also a well known business man.  I just think about all the people that apply to be on "The Apprentice."

Yes, I think that Mr. Donald Trump's celebrity status will be helpful for the Red, White & Blue Pages™ and MSBA overall, but I also think that he can teach us a lot.  There are plenty of things MSBA needs to learn, that I need to learn.  One of those obvious things is how to advertise a business.  Once armed with this new knowledge we can then pass that on to you our members.

Now I am anxiously awaiting a response.  Joanna reiterated to me; nothing ventured, nothing gained.  One way or the other I will give you an update.

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