Hubby got home at 7pm last night. I ate earlier, so I reheated his plate. He sat down to eat and check his e-mail. While he was doing that I cleaned up, I ate about 40 minutes earlier. I sat down and he said to me "that was a great article you were mentioned in!" I said, "what article?" Hubby then says "you should check your e-mail."

I check my e-mail and notice a message from Lynn addressed to Joanna and I inquiring as to whether or not we read Babette Maxwell's article. Joanna responded. I had a separate e-mail from Joanna asking if I had seen what Babette wrote, as my name is in an article.

I click on the article link and proceed to read. I see my name listed at #1. I proceed to finish reading the article. As soon as I finish, I start crying and laughing. Babette wrote a funny article in response to an another article. My crying was the result of happiness and guilt. I didn't think my name belonged on the list. There are other Military Spouses who have done a lot of work for and through MSBA, who I feel, should have been mentioned in that article; MSBA co-founder Rebecca Poynter, MSBA co-founder Lanette Lepper, Lynn Carroll, Veronica Jorden, Carolyn LeVering. Without them MSBA wouldn't exist. Without them the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act wouldn't be a law.

I respond to Joanna's e-mail and told her the same thing I am writing here. She responded back. We proceed to collaborate on a Thank You note to post on the MSBA Facebook Page while sharing a link to the article. At the same time I am sharing a link on my Facebook profile and posting a Thank You to Babette, Congrats to the other Military Spouses mentioned and Thanking the MSBA Board of Directors.

The Thank You note is posted on MSBA's Facebook Page. I proceed to respond to Lynn's e-mail. Admitting that I was a crying fool.

While going to bed last night I tell hubby again that I feel guilty. He asks me "why?" "It just doesn't feel right." He responds "you did do a great thing in support of MSRRA and you do work hard for MSBA. I am proud of you." I said "are you sure?" He said "yes!" I smirked and left the conversation with that. There is nothing more wonderful than your husband telling you that his is proud of you.

If you didn't get a chance to read Babette's article you can here.

Thank You Babette, Congrats to All the Military Spouses mentioned in the article and Thank You to all of MSBA's Board of Directors for what you do for fellow military spouse entrepreneurs and for your work on MSRRA!

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