Meeting Veronica

Rebecca is in DC this weekend.  She contacted those of us in Northern Virginia to see if we would like to get together for lunch or dinner.  Veronica lives 4 miles from me and was nice enough to come pick me up.  We headed to the Vienna metro station where we were to pick up Rebecca around 12:30pm.  From there we headed to the Maplewood Grill restaurant.  During our short drive we talked about the things currently happening with MSBA.

Maplewood Grill

During lunch we talked about military spouse issues and what each one of us is doing outside of MSBA.  It was nice to sit down and enjoy each other's company in person.  This was also the first time Veronica met Rebecca and I.  Of course I had to take at least one picture while we were at lunch.  In the picture below Veronica is sitting on the left and Rebecca is sitting on the right.


Thank you ladies for some time away from the "office!"  Rebecca enjoy your trip and safe travels back home.

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