Day 5: OPERATION: Create Your Own Path


It's a fantastic Friday, and day five of Operation: Create Your Own Path!


As part of this event, we have asked all of our featured military spouse business owners to share their best advice to anyone who might be considering starting their own business. And we've combined their words of wisdsom with a little bit of great advice from small business expert.



Michelle Schrock



"Dare greatly and take a risk on yourself. We are capable of so much more then we think. Find a product, service, or enterprise that excites you and then find yourself a sponsor or mentor with the heart of a teacher to help you get started. You should never have to go out into the business world alone so make sure you choose your leader wisely."




Taylor Lindstrom
Assistant Editor, Copyblogger & Copywriter, Good Ink, Inc.
www. &

Hold someone’s hand


As we all learned when we were children, scary things are less scary when you have someone else’s hand to hold. Walking into the dark alone is a bad strategy.

I called up a friend who does search engine marketing. She’s not an SEO expert, but she understands SEO in simple terms that make it easy for her to do her work.

So I get her on the phone and she hand-holds me through every single step I need to take. She says things like, “We’re almost there,” and “It’s okay,” and “See that link? Click on that … now that wasn’t so bad, right?”

This is much less frightening than attempting to wrestle all by myself with six books written for dummies and a 20-part audio series. The next time you’re confronted with a big business decision that you know nothing about, get someone to hold your hand.

If you don’t happen to know someone with knowledge of that field, check Twitter for volunteers, look into Authority, or even -- gasp -- hire someone.

Think of it like hiring a bodyguard to fight off all the bad guys. Just be sureto explain that you don’t want them to do everything for you -- you want to know how to do it yourself. Appropriately supervised, of course.

This great piece of advice is an excerpt from “How To Run a Fearless Small Business” by Taylor Lindstrom on Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content.


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