Day 28: OPERATION: Create Your Own Path

day28-getlocalOne of the biggest challenges, and one of the things that makes running a small business different for a military spouse than for other small business owners is our frequent call to relocate with our service member. Today's featured spouse offers some great advice on how to create continuity and continued grow even after a move. We added some links to great resources to help you follow her sound advice.


Myla Astro

MVOSS Creation


"Try to bloom wherever you are.


PCSing is one of the hardest  thing we face when we have a business as it is hard to establish a solid customer base. By the time we’ve set our feet in the local market, it’s time to move to our next duty station. Here are some tips that MVOSS Creation wants to share to fellow military spouse business owners:


• Write your business mission statement as this will serve as your anchor when  the going gets tough,

• Establish solid relationship with your local customers because they will still going to order from you wherever you will be.  Get in touch with them regularly via email blast (you can use constant contact for a minimal fee)

• Learn the best practices of the local businesses and try to apply  them to your own

• Socialize/network- Never miss the opportunity to show up in networking meetings. You can find a lot of local networking groups through or your local chamber

• If there is an opportunity to speak about your business in public, go for it.  People will not know what you are offering if you don’t talk about it  in  a group.

• Get a mentor as she/he will be able to assist you in establishing your presence in the local market."



Writing a mission statement

How to Write A Mission Statement

How to Write A Mission Statement That isn't Dumb

How to Write A Powerful Mission Statement


Use Email Marketing

Constant Contact

Verticle Response

Mail Chimp




Network Locally

Find your local chamber of commerce:

Connect with your local SBDC:

Find MeetUps:

Find Events:


Talk About Your Business

Improve your public speaking skills:

Attend a Pitch Party:


Find a local mentor

Try MSBA's business incubator program:

Get a peer-to-peer mentor from the MSBA network:


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