Day 30: OPERATION: Create Your Own Path

day30-dailyadvice -useyournetworkWe are so pleased, and yes, even a little sad, that our event is coming to a close. It has been an outstanding month, full of great advice and amazing military spouse business owners. Today's business owner offers some outstanding advice about how to use your network to help grow your business. She herself uses this advice on a daily basis, and has in fact written an entire series to flesh out this idea on her own blog.


This is another skill that military spouses often develop by default thanks to frequent PCSing. Getting settled in a new community and growing your business...both require you to use your network!



Amy Schofield

Schofield Strategies


"Starting a business is easy – maintaining it and maximizing it to the fullest potential takes work.


In my opinion, the most important aspect of owning a business is networking. You may think I am just saying this because I am a resume writer and I encourage my job-seeking clients to take an active role in networking for their job search, but the same holds true for business owners. Once you have the business groundwork and tools in place, you’ve got to make sure you spend time reaching out and developing personal connections with people. I have taken the time to get to know other business owners, yes even other resume writers, so that I can strategically align with people who will help with the growth of my business. I also work one-on-one with my resume clients; I do not outsource any piece of my resume-writing process, and I think that is key in developing that personal connection with my clients.


Part of this networking process also involves working with a mentor or joining a mastermind group, and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a business to seek those sources out."



From the Schofield Strategies Blog:


Part I: Build Your Network Before You Need It


The more people who know you are looking for a job, the more people who will be available to help. Networking is about getting the people you already know to help connect you to the people who will help you land your next career opportunity.


The single biggest mistake most job searchers make is not asking for help from their network. People generally want to help you, so let them! The key is to not wait until you are out of work to start developing relationships with your network.


Try to tap into your network for specific assistance. If you want to work at a particular company, ask people in your network if they know anyone who currently works for, used to work for, or may know someone who has ties with that company. Then contact that person and ask about the company, culture, and hiring practices.


LinkedIn is a great tool to utilize for networking before you need it. Try to connect with contacts from within the industry you’d like to work.


Engage with your alumni association. They are great resources for connecting with people who have the same background.


Attend as many professional development and association events within your industry to get your name out there. Arrive with personal business cards in hand! (If you would like branded business cards, contact me and I will refer to you Kickify!)


In addition to networking within the professional setting, why not tell your neighbors, or even the person in line behind you at the grocery store – you never know, they could be the hiring manager for your dream job!


Read Part II and Part III of Amy's blog series on networking.



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